Social Enterprise ofChesterhill Produce Auction is a Social Enterprise of Rural Action


Chesterhill, Ohio

The Chesterhill Produce Auction is a Social Enterprise of Rural Action located just outside the Village of Chesterhill in Morgan County. Each season the auction serves thousands of customers from throughout Appalachian Ohio, as well as customers in West Virginia and other parts of Ohio. Hundreds of growers utilize the auction as a place to sell their locally grown produce, locally raised livestock, and locally made wood products at wholesale to other businesses in the region, including restaurants, schools, hospitals, pop-up markets in rural areas with limited fresh food access, plus individual buyers who can and preserve.


YES! WE ARE OPEN! However, there are some changes due to the pandemic. Customers now bid from the big gravel parking lot in front of the dock and are not permitted on the auction floor at this time. Produce is brought to the edge and auctioned from the dock. Mike is stationed at one side of the building with bulk lots and Tonya is stationed on the other end with small lots. So bring some lawn chairs, umbrellas, and anything else you may need for an outdoor event and join us Mondays and Thursdays at 4pm (time is subject to change). Select store items are available at the check out window. The Country Cooking Cart is open during each auction with a limited menu. Our porch is designated for Community Food Initiatives for their Donation Station table. If you purchase too much of something and wish to donate to them, please go to the side railing and speak to one of the workers.

Produce Auction

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Join us for our fresh, seasonal, local produce auction starting at 4 pm.