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Holiday Bundles are available for order by December 1st. ORDER HERE for pick up on December 15th.

Every year, producers of homemade foods and crafts from our community combine their efforts, skills and resources, making their unique contributions to the Chesterhill Produce Auction’s annual sale and distribution of holiday bundles. These wonderful gift sets come in three sizes, as well as a shipping bundle, and include a selection of goods from Integration Acres, Shagbark Seed & Mill, Snowville Creamery, and local bakers and craftspeople affiliated with the Chesterhill Produce Auction (CPA) — all packaged within a CPA tote bag.

The Chesterhill Produce Auction serves over 200 local growers and artisans who produce fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, wood products, and handmade crafts. Holiday Bundles put money directly into the pockets of farmers. Specifically, CPA producers contribute baked goods, rolling pins, cutting boards, candles, soaps, candy, jam, rugs, homemade noodles, and maple syrup.

A few other contributors to the Holiday Bundles stand out to me. Snowville Creamery, producers of fine dairy products from nearby Pomeroy, shares a common goal with Rural Action – fighting food insecurity here in rural Appalachian Ohio. In July, with help from Snowville’s loyal customers, they contributed nearly 7,000 units of their products to food banks in the region.

Shagbark Seed & Mill, much like Snowville Creamery, is a locally-based food supplier that also shares the mission of feeding our community. Through facilitating connections between farmers in the community and nearby schools, restaurants, and more, our friends at Shagbark work tirelessly to build our region’s staple crops food economy.

Integration Acres proudly produces pawpaw products (hey, how about that accidental alliteration) and has been doing so for nearly three decades. In addition to their fine line of locally-crafted, delicious pawpaw goodies, they also offer a selection of foodstuffs made from plants indigenous to the region.

Supporting the Chesterhill Produce Auction by purchasing one of our wonderful holiday bundles provides support for local producers and small businesses who contribute to a strong local food system.

Zach Sybrant is an Ohio University graduate and cohort leader with Appalachian Accessible Food Network, serving with Rural Action through ACEnet and Sustainable Agriculture.


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