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“Follow the Food” highlights the journey that produce takes from the auction floor to homes, restaurants, healthcare providers, colleges, and hungry mouths across the region.

Produce from the Chesterhill Produce Auction ends up in many different places including local restaurants. Restaurants can place produce orders through Rural Action for our staff to bid on during the auction. One restaurant we buy for is Little Fish. Little Fish is a local brewery in Athens that produces great beer and tasty food. On this day Justin Brunot, our Local Produce Distribution Assistant, placed bids on cabbage for them at the auction.

Once bought, the cabbage is taken to Little Fish to be processed in the kitchen.

Zach Morgan of Little Fish shows off the cabbage after it’s delivered and prepares to turn it into sauerkraut.

The final dish is Rueben Pizza, made with horseradish, butter, mozzarella cheese, corned beef, house made thousand island dressing, Pork and Pickles bread and butter pickles, chives, paprika, and of course sauerkraut made from cabbage from the CPA. Head over to Little Fish to try this dish made with fresh, local ingredients!

Natalie Ruth is a summer VISTA with Rural Action’s Sustainable Agriculture program. She is from Columbus and will be a senior at Ohio State studying Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability.


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