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Autumn means the beginning of a new term for our AmeriCorps members. This year, that means the exciting addition of two new AmeriCorps VISTA members: Sage and Mason. We are eager to bring them onto the team and to see what good work they’ll accomplish to improve the production, distribution, and accessibility of sustainable food in the region. Read on to meet Sage and Mason in their own words. And make sure to give them a warm welcome when you see them at the auction!

Sage Foote:

Upon graduating with a degree in English from Ohio University, with the help of the Food Studies program, I found myself as an agricultural intern in Alaska on a homestead and farm. My time there deepened my curiosity of and affection for farming and sustainable agriculture. With my degree and my hands-on experience in my back pocket and my love for southeast Ohio from my time during undergrad, I applied to be the AmeriCorps VISTA Farm to School Coordinator with Rural Action. My eagerness to participate in the ongoing creation of sustainable food systems motivated me to research and reset, which led me back to the community that from the beginning, supported and nurtured my passion for the living world. During my service with Rural Action’s Sustainable Agriculture team, I hope to help strengthen existing infrastructure in asset-based community development and help pilot capacity building initiatives with the goal of food sovereignty and food justice for all. Lastly, but not least(ly), if I were a food I’d be a radish– does well in early spring but can still withstand a hard frost, is quick to grow while grounded in the dirt, and is a little spicy at the first bite.


Mason Korb:

Before Rural Action I worked in mathematics education for about a decade in the DC area. I applied to be a Community Resource VISTA because I wanted to get back to rural Ohio which I love so much. I hope that during my term I can help feed people and learn more about the process of how food gets from farms to people’s tables. If I were a food I would be a pumpkin because I’m happiest in the autumn. Also I love pumpkin pie!







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