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Looking for something to do on a Saturday in Southeast Ohio? The Chesterhill Produce Auction (CPA) has the perfect opportunity for you! On the second Saturday of every month during the growing season, CPA runs an auction featuring wood products, livestock, flowers, and some produce.

Wood Products

A wide range of beautiful wood products are a guarantee. The possibilities range from handmade benches, bench swings, live edge tables, kid’s furniture, and lawn chairs. Each piece is beautifully crafted and one of a kind. They make for great additions to your own home or gifts for friends and families. This fall there will be nothing better than sitting outside with a book or hanging out around the fire with friends and this furniture will make a great addition.


A wide range of livestock make an appearance at every Saturday auction. We regularly have chickens, goats, and rabbits. On top of that we frequently see pigs, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl. And on occasion, we’ll have a calf or pony to be auctioned off too. In the past we’ve had a selection of goats, chickens, and rabbits. Occasionally the auction will have a calf, pig or pony to be auctioned off too.



Cooking Cart

We will also have our Country Cooking Cart open for food and deserts throughout the day so be sure to bring an appetite! If you haven’t been to an auction before, you’re in for a treat. Lisa, who operates the Cooking Cart, makes some great options for every auction, but Saturdays are when she pulls out all the stops. This Saturday she’ll be serving chicken noodles and fry pies in addition to her normal menu. Fry pies are homemade fried pockets with seasonal fillings like apple or blackberry. Paired with a cup of coffee, there is no better way to start your Saturday than with a fry pie at the CPA.

Country Store

Our country store also brings a wide selection of jams, maple syrup, honey, homemade candy, rugs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, earrings, bags, pies, cookies, and other baked goods. All of the items sold are sourced from local producers! If you’re looking for something to remember your time at the CPA or a snack for the way home, the Country Store is the answer.

If all of this sounds up your alley, we’ve got some good news for you. There’s a Saturday Auction right around the corner on August 14th. Be sure to put it in your calendar and check out the event on our website and on Facebook!

Take note of the upcoming Saturday Auctions throughout the rest of our season:

August 14th 2021

September 11th 2021

October 9th 2021


Alex Mykulyn is an Americorps Summer Vista member with Rural Action‘s Sustainable Agriculture team. He is a sophomore at Monmouth University where he studies international relations.


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