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A few weeks ago the Chesterhill Produce Auction(CPA) began running a second auction alongside the traditional “big lots”. This happens every year as the produce season begins to ramp up to full speed. The small lots auctions are great for individuals and households. No need to worry about having to find a home for 19 extra pecks of summer squash, or needing to cook 15 loaves of zucchini bread to keep up with big lots.

Small lots feature the same great produce and prices just in individual household quantities. Here are some examples of small lots purchases from a recent auction(7-19-21):



1 peck mixed vegetables peck

“Dinner in a Basket”

– $6.50









1 half peck peaches

– $4.50








1 peck yellow squash

– $1.50








2 quarts tomatoes

@ $4.50 each

– $9.00











2 pecks candy onions

@ $4 each

– $8.00







Given the nature of auctions, it is impossible to tell exactly what we’ll have at the next auction and what the prices will be, but this chart will provide a general guide for what is seasonably available.

If you come to the auction in July or August you’re likely to find almost all the produce needed to make the spicy creamy gnocchi recipe that we shared a few weeks ago. Hope to see you at an auction soon!

Alex Mykulyn is an Americorps Summer Vista member with Rural Action‘s Sustainable Agriculture team. He is a sophomore at Monmouth University where he studies international relations.


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