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The season of abundance is in full swing at the Chesterhill Produce Auction. Every week, the selection of fresh fruit and veggies on the auction floor grows exponentially. As cool season crops like leaf lettuce and asparagus have phased out, summer favorites are arriving. We’re starting to get Ohio tomatoes! On Mondays and Thursdays we now have big and small lots, so whether you’re looking to buy in bulk or just enough for dinner this week, the CPA is the market for you. You can find us on Facebook for frequent updates on what you might expect to see.

While the CPA functions as a local food hub, it hosts a number of other special events. From March through December, there are auctions every month on the second Saturday. In addition to a selection of local produce, wood products crafted locally by our producers and livestock are also available on the second Saturdays And at least three Saturdays a year, we have consignment auctions, which expand on our regular Saturday auctions to incorporate consignment items. These are popular among folks who enjoy shopping for antiques or other secondhand treasures. At our most recent consignment auction on July 8th, one seller brought a vintage 1950’s stove in beautiful condition and a handful of gently used Coach purses. Some other notable items were a couple generators, a restaurant style deep fryer, and a lovely double wedding ring quilt. You never know what you’ll find! Our next consignment auction is November 11th. We hope to see you there.

Visiting the CPA on a Saturday is a great way to get a taste of the local culture, even if you don’t buy anything. No matter which direction you come from, the drive through Morgan County is a scenic route, a landscape of hilly farmland and woods. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll want to be sure to come down to the livestock barn at the CPA on a Saturday. It’s packed with all manner of farm animals, from chickens and pigs to baby goats and bunnies.

We encourage you to bring your whole family! You can even grab lunch on site at the Country Cooking Cart, which serves hotdogs, hamburgers and sausage patties. There are sweet treats available in the Country Store, as well as other locally made goods. If you’d rather grab a bite to eat elsewhere, just down the road you can stop at the Triple Nickel Diner in the town of Chesterhill, a local favorite. You’ll get a 10% discount stamp for your meal there on your receipt at the auction when you check out.

Emily Elam is a Hocking College graduate and the current Chesterhill Produce Auction/Sustainable Agriculture Community Development AmeriCorps Member at Rural Action.


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