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Yesterday, our regular Monday produce auction was preceded by our annual Memorial Day Potluck. Like all of our potlucks, it was free and open to the public. We grilled hot dogs to accompany a variety of tasty sides brought by friends of the auction, including pasta salads, chili, deviled eggs and several yummy pastries! Before loading up our plates, Mike, our auctioneer, led us through a moment of silence in memorial of those who could not be with us on this day.

The auction floor was brimming with a rainbow of beautiful produce and flowers! Each week it fills out more and more. Our sellers still have loads of strawberries, so be sure to make it out in the next few weeks if you haven’t got yours yet! Lots of salad greens and green onions too. Though we are coming out of asparagus season, we are beginning to see cucumbers and squash.

Alongside dozens of gorgeous hanging flower baskets and vegetable plant starts, we had lots of marigolds and hollyhocks, as well as some more unusual annual and perennial plants. Even a few trees!

If you weren’t able to make it out to this potluck, our next one will be July 3rd, at 3 pm, in celebration of Independence Day. We hope to see you there. Otherwise, we will continue to have our regular Monday and Thursday produce auctions, starting at 4 pm. You can also come out June 10th for our next Saturday-at-the-CPA, which starts at 10 am. We’ll have all our usual goodies, as well as livestock down in the barn.



Emily Elam is a Hocking College graduate and the current Chesterhill Produce Auction/Sustainable Agriculture Community Development AmeriCorps Member at Rural Action.


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