As a seller, the Chesterhill Produce Auction is the go-to market to sell your produce. A seller’s number can be obtained for free at the Auction’s front office. Please read the rules below carefully and contact us with any questions you have!

  1. A seller’s number is required.
  2. Seller must fill out consignment forms listing seller number, name, address, type of items, and quantity to be sold.
  3. Seller will tag individual lots with tags provided by the auction stating their seller number, item, item and quantity. Produce is accepted beginning at 12:00pm and arrival by 3:00pm is recommended. Unloading of produce is responsibility of grower/seller.
  4. Produce should arrive 1 hour prior to auction, packaged and ready to sell. Late arrivals may sell last.
  5. Standard uniform packaging is required and is for sale on site. See auction manager for details.
  6. Any misrepresentation of produce will be cause for adjustment.
  7. Selling of produce on grounds is by the auction only. All consignments sell absolute.
  8. Produce of inferior quality may be rejected by the Chesterhill Produce Auction.
  9. Payment periods run weekly with checks available every Thursday for the previous week’s auctions.
  10. Out-of-state consignors with permission only.
  11. Commission of 16% charged on all sales, unless otherwise posted at time of the auction.
  12. Produce not grown by consignor must be placed in a separate row and can only be sold by permission of the auction firm manager.
  13. All produce must meet regulatory standards as interpreted by the Chesterhill Produce Auction manager.
  14. Requesting a seller number evidences agreement of these terms and conditions.